How To Read And Understand

how to read and understand

Is Reading Difficult Or Easy

Try and read this, it a long story but am sure you will gain something after reading it.

Many students think reading is hard, that is, it is difficult but am telling you, it is not, reading is very easy, it just that most student don’t know how, when and where to↑

Most mistake that students make is that they will only start reading when they have exam or when they are reading and instead of understanding what they are reading they are not so they will think I can’t do this.

How To Read

Reading is like hustling, when you are struggling it really difficult but when you make it finish you will enjoy like really enjoy. Is like hustling for money.

Some student when they are reading, they will be feeling dizzy, weakening and feeling reluctant, that reluctant part is SATAN, when you are feeling dizzy or weakening, first check you position, if you are lying down and you expect to be getting what you are reading am telling you, you are deceiving↑

We all know lie down is part of relaxing,
That what most student don’t understand they think reading is just…. , am here telling you reading is like working and if you see someone blabbing that reading is simple jorrr, that reading is easy, just look at the person and laugh because even if you ask a brilliant that, is reading easy? he or she will tell you that reading is difficult than what you think but it get easier as long as you are doing it frequently.

Do you know reading is difficult than washing dishes or washing clothes?
If you think you have strength, that you get muscle try and read book and see how it will work out for↑

What am trying to say is that reading is MENTALLY not physically, the only thing you are using most when reading is your BRAIN, now tell me when you are washing dishes or doing any work do you really use your BRAIN,
You are already picturing it right, lol.

So before you can know how to read, you need to know how it works for instance now, if you are not taught how to wash dishes will you know how to? NO, but you do because you know what to do, how to do it.
For student that just started reading don’t be deceived at first, just keep pushing like I said, it like hustling,top↑

First you need to remove all thought that says ” I will only read when I have exam or when my examination are getting closer. START READING TODAY.

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Can I Ever Understand Reading

To me everybody know book let me use that word, Na everybody sabi book,top↑
Most students will say “my brain no feel sabi book” your brain no feel sabi book, but you have every Davido’s and Wizkid’s lyrics in your head, are you telling me that student that know book have different brain from yours or their own brain are extraordinary, No, It just that they make use of it by reading which you can also do, it never to late, your brain is like you, whenever you eat you grow so is also your brain whenever you read or do any technical something with you brain, you brain also expands [Not in size oooo] because now you will say uncle ASAP said whenever I cram something my brain will be become↑

Look For Your Stability

So to know or sabi how to read what you first need to find for yourself is an ANCHOR that’s STABILITY
Find out when or where you are comfortable, for every body we all need silent place to read but some people can’t read where it is too silent,
Like me now I can’t read where it is too silent but I need where is silent to read so I will on fan to produce a background noise and sit upright but not everybody that’s works for also find yours, you will know if you keep reading everyday and don’t be discouraged that the first day you read you didn’t get anything or you forget↑
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How To Recall What You Have Read

If you are forgetting what you are reading easily that mean you just starts reading ,I will advise you to reduce your play and focus on more reading for now because if you have been reading for a long time you won’t be forgetting what you are reading like that, even if you does you will still have an idea and that idea is the real deal ” some people will understand what am saying there ” and if you have been reading for a while now, you will know how to schedule yourself for when to read and when to↑

Joke Of The Day

People can lie shaaa, you will see them doing bricklayer, carrying concrete carrying blocks and you will hear them singing is our work ooo, soft work, for where…. you call that soft work, o boy, is your work ooo, hard work.

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